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Welcome! Below is a list of current SMIS members who have uploaded resumes. Resumes may be accessed with a provided password. Passwords are available upon request for job recruiters and industry professionals.


SMIS Member Resumes
First Name Last Name Expected Graduation  
Adedayo Adedokun May, 2015 Resume
Chase Amory May, 2015 Resume
Adam Ansley Dec, 2014 Resume
Ashley Armfield Resume
Alex Baker May, 2014 Resume
Carter Barrows May, 2014 Resume
Holly Beale May, 2014 Resume
Brian Benzinger May, 2014 Resume
Taylor Blanchard Dec, 2014 Resume
Brandon Breslin May, 2014 Resume
Josh Brito May, 2015 Resume
Andrew Bruner Dec, 2014 Resume
Nathan Bryan Resume
Christopher Burks May, 2014 Resume
Jacob Caffee Dec, 2014 Resume
Richard Catalfano May, 2014 Resume
Alexis Chastain May, 2014 Resume
Liangchun Chou May, 2014 Resume
Brittany Clark May, 2014 Resume
Lorito Costales May, 2014 Resume
Charles Fails May, 2014 Resume
Katie Faller May, 2014 Resume
Bryant Garrett May, 2016 Resume
Perrin Gilbert May, 2015 Resume
Grant Grussing May, 2014 Resume
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